Agrimor Israel Ltd
20 Korchak st. Herzeliya 46309
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Agrimor Israel ltd, is a new manufacturer and distributor of agrochemicals, in the Israeli market and worldwide.
We are providing superior quality, technical services, while maintaining competitive prices and reliable delivery schedules.

We...Read more

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EdenShield is an Israel-based agritech company established in 2012 in Trendlines Agtech, a business incubator that is part of The Trendlines Group.

Successful field trials of the company’s odor-masking nontoxic insect control system have attracted the attention...Read more

Tapazol Chemical Works - Since 1932
Hasolela 1 -Beit Shemesh,Israel
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Tapazol Chemical Works Ltd. exists since 1932. It is a private company manufacturing, exporting and importing chemicals for agriculture, veterinary and public health. Our goals: to supply high quality, moderate price products and give professional and fast...Read more

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