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IMAHOT - Designed For Mothers
Ein Carmel
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The IMAHOT maternity collection is especially designed to fit the mother from pregnancy through nursing and beyond. Each item in the collection has a special patent designed to suit the needs of mothers and mothers to be.
The IMAHOT...Read more

Peek-a-Boo - Maternity and Nursing Collection
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The Peek-a-boo maternity and nursing collection enables the mother to breastfeed without exposing herself, keeping mother-baby eye contact while still looking stylish.

Our designs take into consideration the changes in a woman's body from early...Read more

Liat Har-Nof - Women & Maternity Design
Bazel 33 / AShla 3 Tel-Aviv
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When fashion designer Liat Har-Nof, graduate of the famed Marangoni fashion school in Milan, became pregnant for the first time she soon discovered how difficult it was to find a fashionable maternity clothes that are also comfy and sanely priced. Read more

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