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Nihohot produces and supplies scent essence and fragrance extract to a wide range of applications: cosmetics, toiletries, detergents for establishments and homes, candles and oils, wipes and heavy industries including the auto industry – for lubricants...Read more

Chemical Companies on the
15, Ziman St.
 Tel-Aviv 67458

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The is inviting all chemical companies that are members of Manufacturers Association of Israel to join the as members and benefit from the various services we can offer your company.

Since 2008, the...Read more

Boron Compounds
63 Jabotinsky St. Ofakim 80300
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Boron Compounds Ltd. applies a breakthrough process for the production of hexagonal Boron Nitride (hBN) in sub-microns and nano sizes. Thanks to continuous quality enhancement and sound technical...Read more

Frigor & Chemicals Ltd
Gesher ha'atz st, Emek Hefer,Israel
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Frigor Ltd is a major exporter and manufacturer of premium quality Dead sea cosmetics. We market the house brands EDOM and SPA BEAUTY, in countries around the world. In addition we develop and manufacture private label lines for International companies. We are also a major...Read more

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