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Raw Materials
Ornit Blind Rivets
Kibbutz OR-HANER, M.P. Hof Ashkelon 79190
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Ornit Blind Rivets, a leading manufacturer, designer, marketer and provider of fastening solutions. Since 1975, Ornit boasts a broad range of multi-function fasteners suitable for both automatic assembly and manual...Read more

Noam Urim - Defense
Kibbutz Urim D.N. Negev 85530,Israel
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Noam Urim is a leader in the manufacture and production of needle-punched nonwoven fabrics. The Company offers a variety of products that provide solutions for a wide range of industries and applications.
Products include finished wipes and rolled fabrics of...Read more

FMS Enterprises Migun - The Answer to All Your Ballistic Protection Needs
P.O.Box 18077, Tel-Aviv 61180, Israel
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FMS a global company, was founded in 1986, and turned into a public company in 1992.  FMS is traded in the Israeli stock exchange.  FMS is a world leader and pioneer in advanced ballistic...Read more

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