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Asian Electronic Ltd - Your Partner in China
Habarzel St., Ramat Hachayal Tel Aviv 69710
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Asian Electronics Ltd (ASIAN) was founded in 2004 and provides worldwide sourcing solutions for mechanical and electro-mechanical manufacturing in Far East, including sourcing of active-passive components for customers around the world....Read more

Kibbutz Hulda, Israel
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Hulda Transformers produces and distributes Laminated, C-Core, Toroidal and Ferrite transformers as well as Power Supplies and Full Assemblies according to our client's specifications for commercial, military & medical equipment. Our R&D department...Read more

Ultram Technologies Ltd
58 Hameyasdim Street Moshav Mazor, 73160
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Ultram Technologies Ltd., was founded in 1988, is a sales and marketing organization with a very strong technical background.
Ultram employs highly skilled sales and application engineers, presenting many years of experience in the sales of electronics,...Read more

Enertec Systems - Electronic Systems for Military Applications
HaNapach 21 POB 50030 Karmiel
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Development and, manufacture of advanced electronic systems, test systems, simulators, and electronic systems for military applications

Israel's largest, most established private company in the field,

With more...Read more

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