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Hefestus Technologies Ltd.
4 Shaham St. P.O.B. 3116 Caesarea Ind. Park North, 38900
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About us
Hefestus Technologies Ltd., is a manufacturer of packaging and sealing machines.
The company specializes in the development of machines and advanced packaging solutions.
The company is privately owned and located at the industrial...Read more

LVT- High Tech Fire Protection
Kibbutz Lehavot Habashan 12125
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A wholly owned subsidiary of Lehavot Fire Protection Ltd., founded in 1950, LVT benefits from Lehavot’s extensive experience in the research and development of fire suppression systems. LVT’s one stop shop offers custom designing, modeling, testing, and...Read more

P.O.b 4302 Hadera, Ofek building 1, South Industrial Park, Caesarea
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The SMARTVEND Company was established in 2009 by Yaron Litman. The company deals in the development, creation, marketing and sales of vending machines in Israel and the world. As well, it deals in the importation and marketing of drink powders and...Read more

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