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Nasri Nehmeh Bakery LTD - Nina bakery
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Nina Bakery was founded in Haifa in 1936 by Mr. Nasri Nehmeh who had patented a cyclical pita oven by 1958 and a fully automated pita production process by 1964 and
always set out to improve production processes, to produce thicker softer and tastierRead more

Rushdi Food Industries Ltd.
Alon Tavor Industrial Area , PO Box 1089, Afula Elith, 18110
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Rushdi Food Industries was established in 1984 as a joint venture when a group of Arab entrepreneurs enlisted the know-how of Telma, a subsidiary of Koor Industries and one of the leading food brands in Israel.
This venture resulted in a success story that lasted for...Read more

J&G Pecans Ltd
POB 3432, Hadera 38133
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SHEKARCHI LTD. and J&G PECANS LTD. (our export company) established in 1981 are family owned companies which hold a peanut shelling factory and a production factory.
Our products are designated to the snack section and as ingredients to the ice...Read more

Dorot - Garlic & Herb
Kibbutz Dorot D.N. Hof Ashkelon 7917
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We have proudly offered our leading range of seasoning products for many years, offering you crushed garlic & ginger, chopped basil, parsley, dill & coriander in ready to use, pre-portioned trays. All you have to do is pop out a cube into the dish of...Read more

Golan Hights
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Mandel granola was founded in 2002 by Itzhak Rot and Dodi Specktor.  The company produces and manufactures granola, muesli cereals and granola snacks in wide varieties, both in the natural and organic...Read more

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LemonTree is a revolutionary product in the lemon juices world.

LemonTree is a lemon powder produced from fresh lemons that have been dried in a...Read more

Toot Quality Sweets
Sderot Sha’ul Amor 5, Migdal HaEmek
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Toot Quality Sweets Ltd is a manufacturing company that specializes in the production and marketing of candy and chocolates.

The firm was established in 1994 under the name Pinukim Food Industries. It was purchased in August 2014 by American investors and the name was...Read more

Tea Shape
Hakishon 24b St Beer Yackov 70300
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A Blossoming Cup of Art

Tea Shape upgrades tea drinking experience with exotic tea bulbs that blossom to a delicate flower, when hot water is pored over. The flower turns a teapot into a work of art, and brings tea back to the center of the attention...Read more

Elsa's Story - Taste. Enjoy. Remember.
POB 719 Naharya 22106
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Our Concept

Combining highly sophisticated techniques of dough processing, laminating and molding to imitate manual work, Elsa's Story creates a refreshing approach to cookies and home made pastries, setting new standards to the meaning...Read more

Dr.Eger - Olive Oil Products Industry Ltd
Yokneam Moshava, POB 20600
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Dr. Eger experts in Olive oil, developed a unique product line and exclusively, for one thing - to contribute to the health of your body!

Dr. Eger combines ancient medical knowledge with advanced technologies developed in collaboration with Prof....Read more

Sa'aba Mediterranean Bakery
48 Weitzman Street, P.O.B 253 Baka El-Garbieh, 30100
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Mr. Omar Ganayem has spent a few years of his life in the United States, where he worked as a heavy machine mechanic. The bakery was established in 1985 by Omar's father, who asked Omar to come back home in order to help him in his small bakery. At that time, women in the...Read more

Mavua Group of Companies
6 haSolelim str
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Mavua was established in 1990. Our Company is a memeber of the Chamber of Commerce, Israeli Export institute. Mavua is an accredited company for all types of import & export operations. 
Read more

Rafael's Healthy & Tasty
Hamasger 4, Hadera
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We at Rafaels Granola have a vision: to produce healthy , nourishing tasty and affordable food products, stemming from our love of people and good food.
A healthy lifestyle should include three elements:
Healthy food produced in traditional...Read more

Yonatan Ratush, 3 Tel Aviv
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Welcome to the world of LiveO, an experience of warm hospitality and a healthy lifestyle.
We would like to introduce you to our world of flavors where the Mediterranean temperament meets the delicate French cuisine, where dreams of pioneering and...Read more

Gaya Plant
Tveria 14321
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Gaya plant is located at Kidmat Galil Industrial Park above the Sea of Galilee and below the site of ancient Tiberias, the area is known for its unique landscape where olive trees have symbolized a deep bond to the land for over thousand years.
The company's most known...Read more

Shamir Salads
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Shamir Salads is recognized for its excellence and dependability. Our salads are found at all of Israel's food retail outlets, from family-run shops to national supermarket chains, and public institutions like hospitals, schools, and government-owned...Read more

Belgian Gourmet
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Wissotzky Group - Since 1849
103 Hashmonaim st. POB 147 61001 Tel Aviv
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The leading producer and exporter of tea in Israel, Wissotzky Tea was founded in 1849 in Russia, and...Read more

Cham Foods - We Put All of Natures Power In Powder!
P.O.B 299 Hadera 38102,
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Cham Foods is a multinational company with operations in the United States, Israel, Turkey and Russia. Cham Foods has over 10 manufacturing facilities, employing over 700 people worldwide. Our products are sold worldwide in over...Read more

Natalie Cakes
P.O. box 225 Or-Aqiva 30600 ISRAEL
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 Confectionery "Nathalie" was founded in 1998 by Jacob Benyamini. The aim of the company's founders was to bring to Israel a traditional Russian pastry school with a European tinge, using the best and quality products. All "Nathalie"’s cakes are manufactured by...Read more

Organi Tari
Meshek 56 Kfar Ha'Nagid 76875
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Organi Tari (Organic Fresh) is a farm in Moshav Kfar HaNagid, which breeds organic chicken. It is an organic chicken-farm that's built and run to comply with the principles of chemical-free land, and under the rigorous supervision of Agrior - an IFOAM...Read more

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EffectivEat Ltd. is a private-owned Israeli company, established in 1995, for the purpose of developing, manufacturing and marketing natural, functional and healthy products. Our portfolio consists of 6 different lines with more than 30 products available. EffectivEat™...Read more

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PRI-CHEN is a leading Middle Eastern manufacturer of a wide variety of processed, pickled, and canned vegetables.  For over three decades PRI-CHEN has combined expertise, tradition, and modern technology in order to produce unique and innovative products...Read more

Gad Dairy
7 Hasolelim St., Bat Yam, Israel
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Gad Dairy was established in 1980 by Ezra Cohen, owner and chairman of the board.

It is the fourth largest dairy manufacturer in Israel, specializing in premium dairy products, such as Italian and Mediterranean cheese as well as hard and soft cheese.

Gad Dairy...Read more

Carmit Candy Industries LTD - Chocolate Coins Manufacturer
25 Hahagana Street Rishon lezion
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Carmit Candy Industries LTD was founded in 1973 as a family owned company, over the years it has significantly expanded and today Carmit is the leading confectionary brand in Israel. We develop, manufacture and market a wide selection of confectionary...Read more

Max Brenner
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Max Brenner is an Israeli multinational chocolate restaurant and retail brand.

Max Brenner’s mantra is that it is creating a new chocolate culture by inviting people to watch, taste and smell its love story.

It specializes in decadent, chocolate-based...Read more

Al Arz Tahina
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Al Arz Tahini was founded in 1992 as a small family business in Nazareth, Israel. Assad Zaher, an engineer by training, designed a special production method that created a tahina unequaled by any other in its fresh, natural flavor.
Thus tailored to discriminating tastes,...Read more

Moshav Hamra 21 90697 Jordan Valley
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FuntasTea company was established in recognition and understanding that the soft drinks market- ice tea does not provide an answer to all existing and potential markets.
The Company commenced its business activity in 2008, by then studies were carried out relating to the...Read more

Vagshal LTD
Atzmona St. Mishor Adumim
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Vagshal Inc. was established in 1890 in the Old city of Jerusalem by Mr. Shalom Vagshal. of blessed memory. Today the company is run by the grandchildren of Mr. Shalom Vagshal, Moti Vagshal. The company originally dealt primarily with sales of different kinds...Read more

Prince Tahina
Ilvon Industrial Zone 16972
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Prince Tahina is a leading manufacturer of raw tahini for the Israel  and overseas hummus industry, and works in conjunction with leading companies worldwide 

Our vision is to be recognised and respected as the...Read more

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\"Cohen-Or LTD\" was established as a private company by its owner Mr. Motti Cohen – Or, in 1996.
\"Cohen-Or LTD\" manufactures frozen pastry products in a large variety of types and flavors. The company's products are among the leading products in that field.Read more

Dahab Herbs & Spices
Industrial Zone Barkan
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Dahab Herbs & spices was established in 1997 and manufactures some of the world’s best herb and spice relishes, based on 170 years old family recipes. In 1997 Noga and Noam Zahavi received their father’s...Read more

Shanel Green
POB 3013 Ebn Yehuda 40500
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Established in 1985, Shanel Green is a leading producer, developer and supplier of choice fresh and frozen food products to clients throughout Europe, the United States and the Middle East. Over two decades, Shanel Green has expanded from a family business to...Read more

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Sugat's factory is situated on a 100,000 square metre site in the industrial area of Kiryat Gat in southern Israel. The factory operates round the clock, every day of the year, apart from holidays and on the Sabbath. Sugat has a large logistical centre that...Read more

Lin's Farm
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Lin's Bee Farm is proud to introduce the most delicious healthy spreads:
1. Lin's all natural spreads& marinades.
2. Lin's low carb spreads.
3. Lin's organic honey & spreads.
4. Lin's special honey gifts.Read more

Angel Bakeries
Beit Ha-Defus St 2
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n 1927, a respected Jerusalem family acquired a local bakery and began to turn it into a household name. Since those early days, Angel Bakeries has grown into a large enterprise, publicly traded on the Tel Aviv stock exchange, with an impressive turnover of $140 million in...Read more

F & C Licorice
P.O. Box 1428, 31013 Haifa
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In order to master the field of vitality and better the quality of human life, Create unique moments and magnify the sense of existence, Generate brilliant products Aimed at promoting a healthier lifestyle. Produce 360 degrees solutions and cover all possible...Read more

Couscous - Since 1969
New Industrial Estate Netanya 42170
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According to family legend, it was Phillipe, the smallest member of the Chriqui family that had recently immigrated to Israel from North Africa, who missed his favorite dish and asked for couscous. Phillipe's father, David, went out to buy some...Read more

Roy Chocolate
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The People – Roy Chocolate company is owned and lead by the couple Sharon & Roy Gershon.
Both are Business & Computers graduates, who worked for almost 10 years in the computers business and left their jobs to make their dream come true…
Roy has...Read more

Gettango Biscuits
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Gattegno Bros. is one of  the best known biscuit manufacturers in Israel. It was established in 1925 by the Gattengo brothers, who brought their skills, and traditions from the Greek city of Saloniki. From small beginnings in, Jaffa, the company evolved...Read more

Feldman Ice Cream
25 Yezira Rehovot,ISR
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Feldman's Ice Cream - More than Fifty Years of Tradition - The Feldman Ice Cream Company started as a local coffee shop, the famous \"Kapulsky\", in the city of Rehovot during the British mandate around the 1940's. The Place was found by Mr.Fridle (Pedya)...Read more

Papouchado - The Taste That Makes The Difference!
12 Hagavish St. Holon, Israel 58816
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In 1926, three brothers lit their oven for the first time, and began baking their first batches of delicious cookies. Their hard work and dedication lay the foundation for the superior Papouchado biscuit tradition as we know it today. More than eighty years later, the vision...Read more

Ofir Honey Farm
Kfar Chulga D.N. Chefer 38880
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We produce super-pure seasonal honey from the blossoms of our region’s main crops; citrus, and avocado, as well as,naturally found eucalyptus and wild flowers. Ofir Honey is marketed locally in Israel, but we also accept international orders. We offer...Read more

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Sanlakol Limited is one of Israel's leading producers of long-standing high quality canned fruits and vegetables.The Company was incorporated in 1940 by the Schonfeld family in Haifa, and became public in 1983 with its shares actively traded on...Read more

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Achva is the leading manufacturer of organic products, based on sesame seeds in Israel. Among our organic products: organic Tahini, organic halva snacks & organic halva in Family package.The company is looking for food distributors in a number of countries.

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