Business Opportunities at Food & Beverage
Date of offer Business Offer
14.06.2015 Roy Chocolate
Roy Chocolate , chocolatiers of distinction, are now expanding into Asian markets. The company is looking for importer- distributors of premium chocolate or gourmet food items in Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea and Japan. The exclusive products are marketed via gourmet stores, and direct sales to hotel chains, companies and top line chains. Franchise agreements, and private label options are also options.
06.08.2014 Couscous
Couscous is a leading manufacturer of traditional couscous , exporting to many countries around the world. The company is looking for distributors who work with chains and ethnic product stores. We are also looking for distributors who work with food /catering services. In the USA we are also interested in food packers, who buy bulk and repack under private label. Target markets include North America, EU, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, India, Australia and other Asian countries. The products are of the highest quality , and are produced are under the GMP, HAACP and ISO-9001-2000 guidelines, with Kosher certificates
23.06.2014 Karat Caviar
Karat Caviar is seeking to connect with buyers/distributors in the seafood, caviar industry.
23.06.2014 Rushdi Food Industries
Rushdi is seeking food distributors in global markets
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