Business Opportunities at Food & Beverage
Date of offer Business Offer
10.03.2020 Hadiklaim Date Growers' Cooperative
Distribution companies and / or food trading companies with direct sales capabilities to the end customer with access to the date industry.
01.03.2020 J&G Pecans Ltd
J&P Pecan Ltd are looking to connect with distributors in the snacks industry as well as connecting with ice cream, baking products, chocolate and cereal factories. Our products are also sold in ice cream parlors, coffee shops, and in the catering and airline supply industries. In particular, our honey baked pecans are available under private label as an addition to existing snack product lines.
01.03.2020 Max Brenner
Max Brenner is looking to expand. And wants to open chocolate gourmet stores in Europe and the United States.
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