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Dahab Herbs & Spices
Industrial Zone Barkan
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Dahab Herbs & spices was established in 1997 and manufactures some of the world’s best herb and spice relishes, based on 170 years old family recipes. In 1997 Noga and Noam Zahavi received their father’s...Read more

SDA Spice - Quality Through Technology
Kibbutz Sde Eliyahu Beit Shean 10810
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For thousands of years, the Beit Shean Valley has been known in the biblical history of the Holy Land for its fertile land and unique climate. 
In 1939, a group of young idealistic men and women came to settle and build Kibbutz Sde Eliyahu in the Beit Shean...Read more

F & C Licorice
P.O. Box 1428, 31013 Haifa
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In order to master the field of vitality and better the quality of human life, Create unique moments and magnify the sense of existence, Generate brilliant products Aimed at promoting a healthier lifestyle. Produce 360 degrees solutions and cover all possible...Read more

Tea Shape
Hakishon 24b St Beer Yackov 70300
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A Blossoming Cup of Art

Tea Shape upgrades tea drinking experience with exotic tea bulbs that blossom to a delicate flower, when hot water is pored over. The flower turns a teapot into a work of art, and brings tea back to the center of the attention...Read more

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