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HaPach Industries
Company Profile
HaPach Industries is the leading company in Israel for manufacturing, importing, exporting and marketing diverse products in the fields of agriculture and industry.
Thanks to more than 60 years of experience, the company has carried out and continues to carry out extensive activities in its field, providing a precise and high-quality response to all its satisfied customers.Read more
The company has four main departments specializing in providing creative and focused solutions for every need that arises in their field.

POULTRY Department - Provides extensive services to the coop industry in Israel and around the world, and maintains continuous contact with its customers in maintenance, installation, escort and consulting services.

WIRE Department - Specializes in fencing solutions, networks and wire products for all industries, ranging from standard shelf products through customized products to individual design of the fencing and networking solutions required for end customers.

METAL department - provides engineering solutions for all industries - tin processing services, transport and storage solutions, production and supply of recycling facilities and industrial design for metal products of all kinds.

STAND UP department - here you can find an engineering creative team that provides marketing point-of-sale solutions from the design stage to the production, installation and positioning stages.
We believe in technological innovation, timely and effective response, creative solutions, and individual guidance from each customer from concept to execution and maintenance.
Business Opportunity
HaPach Company is looking for distributors from the electricity sector for distribution Cable Treys in Greece and Cyprus.
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