Business Opportunities at Health & Beauty
Date of offer Business Offer
11.10.2020 KEDEM
Seeking to connect with natural product distributors as well haircare distributors in the US & Canadian markets
11.10.2020 Wize Care
Seeking to connect with USA distributors of telemedicine technologies and Digital Health for the neurologists and rehabilitative orthopedists sector.
23.03.2020 OCON Healthcare
We are specifically looking for Distributors in Women's Healthcare that are currently marketing and selling IUDs (Intra Uterine Devices) preferably brands such as Gynafix, MonaLisa, Pregna, Flexi-T, T-safe etc…
22.07.2019 Dr. Kleein Cosmetics
Dr. Kleein Cosmetics is a leading developer of advanced medical cosmetics
15.03.2017 Dr. Ron Kadir Laboratories
Dr. Ron Kadir Laboratories Professional Skin Care is seeking distributors in the EU market
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