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P.O. BOX 1162, RA'ANANA 43101
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Eallan Hirshfeld
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Heartech Ltd.
Company Profile
Heartech Ltd has spent many years developing top quality earplugs for various environments, to provide maximum protection and comfort for users in industry, air travelers and regular noisy environments. Our product range includes the following types, each offering suitable protection to match specific needs.
FliteMate Earplugs
These earplugs are the best at reducing ear pain in rapid atmospheric pressure changes, during takeoff or landing .They also reduce the...Read more

Eallan Hirshfeld, Managing Director

Flitemate earplugs
FliteMate Earplugs are the best at reducing ear pain in rapid atmospheric pressure changes, during takeoff or landing .They also reduce the noise level while allowing you to hear conversations use head phones etc. They are made from 100% silicon, reusable & come in a beautiful key- chain case for easy storage.
Quietear earplugs
A Newly designed and patented earplug that allows you to hear essential noises like speech, telephone, alarms etc while in the presence of background noise.
Reducing harmful noise to tolerable levels, thus protecting your hearing. Easy to use & very comfortable. Due to special design can be in position for long periods of time. Reusable, washable. 2 sizes to fit all ears. Special container provided for storage. Reduces pressure in ears during flight & mountain driving.
The ultimate in ear protection. With an NRR of 32.
Silent Ear earplugs are suitable for the noisiest of all noisy environments.
If you need to block out the worst noises you need Silentear earplugs from the House of Heartech.
Different environments necessitate different degrees of ear protection hence the development of Silentear earplugs for maximum protection in maximum noise situation. It is recommended that Silentear earplugs are only used where the noise levels exceed 110 decibels. Below that use our Quietear earplugs Two sizes Small & Average.
Business Opportunity
Heartech, leading manufacturer of earplugs for industrial and daily use, is looking for distributors with strong connections to industrial concerns, who supply either textile, cleaning and/or safety products . In addition, we are interested in contacting airline company buyers, and travel companies catering to the luxury market.
Our products are also suitable for the DIY industry, and any environment where noise levels go above the comfort level.
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