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KR Brushes (HaMivreshet)
Kibbutz Ruhama, 79180 Israel
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Founded in 1945, KR Hamivreshet is located in Kibbutz Ruhama in the south of Israel, a leading manufacturer of toothbrushes, household brushes and industrial brushes. In local and international markets, KR Hamivreshet is known for its high quality...Read more

Tamnun-Hop LTD
7 Haorgim st. POB 5053, Zip Code 58553
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Tamnun-Hop L.T.D is a company in Israel, which develops, manufactures and markets a wide range of unique metal, aluminum and plastic products for 32 years. The company hires about 40 workers and manages different lines of products in Israel and in China....Read more

Shhakim Technologies Rav Hevel
4 Shaldag St., Ramla
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Shhakim was established in 1986 by Lavi Moshe –Shiko, a refrigeration and air conditioning practical engineer and started off installing air conditioners.

Over the years, Moshe developed several unique, top-quality products and...Read more

P.O 9292 Petach Tikva 49191
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Greenbo LTD founded in 2008  by two young Israeli high-tech veterans with a passion to design & creativity, with entrepreneurship spirit, that decided to add the high-end, “clean” prestigious design & quality products to the home...Read more

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TheDucksol concept

Ducksol consists of team of designers, developers and marketing material with years of experience, who have set themselves the goal of providing efficient and stylish solutions in...Read more

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