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Bio-Sense Technologies
Haela 11 street, Yarqona, Israel 45915
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Dogs communicate by barking. To a human, all barks sound the same; science tells us they are not. Bio-Sense has developed the means to tell one bark from the other with a patent protected technology that translates dog barks into digital signals. The translation is done by...Read more

Kiryat Atidim. Building 3, 3rd floor, Entrance 2 - POB 58129
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Aferrix is an innovative leader in development and applications of novel tools for early diagnosis and monitoring of toxic iron in the serum. The company has developed several methods that quantify different forms of toxic iron in the serum, which are not detected by...Read more

Kamada Ltd.
7 Sapir st, Ness Ziona
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Kamada is a biopharmaceutical company developing, producing and marketing a line of specialty, life-saving therapeutics using a sophisticated chromatographic purification technology. Utilizing itsproprietary know-how, Kamada manufactures more than 10 high quality and highly...Read more

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