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Precise Implant System Ltd
P.O.B 45469, Tel Aviv, 6145401
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Precise company believes in making dental implants by redefining precision in the process of manufacturing, marketing and service.
We combine this new level of precision with simplicity and quality control together with state of the art scientific knowledge, to achieve...Read more

BHI Implants LTD
Roy Keren
2 Hamal St., Afula 1857107
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BHI Company belongs to a group of companies, active in the implant and implantology field for more than 30 years. During the last 10 years the group has focused on developing and marketing products that are high-tech engineered designs for optimizal performance, based on an...Read more

P.O.Box 232, 21611 Carmiel
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Welcome to MTC and its vision of technological power, combined with high quality and competitive pricing.

MTC Industries & Research Ltd. is one of the leading industries in Israel developing and manufacturing of medical/dental instruments.

Since its...Read more

UpHeal Dental
5a Sderot Giborei Israel Netanya 4250405
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UpHeal Dental supplies advanced sinus elevation solutions to the field of dentistry in Israel and worldwide. Our team of professional consultants is comprised of expert dental surgeons, headed by Prof. Oded Nahlieli.
UpHeal Dental is the owner and sole distributor of...Read more

Augma Biomaterials - Innovative Dental Bone Graft Cement
Alon Hatavor 20 St., P.O.Box 3089, Caesarea Southern Industrial Park 3088900
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AUGMA Biomaterials Ltd. is a global leader in innovation and discovery of dental materials. Augma develops bone substitute materials for bone augmentation in maxillofacial surgical procedures.
The...Read more

BH Dental
4 Hayezira Nesher, Israel 36882
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BHdental is a professional and inspiring company founded by a team of highly skilled medical and orthodontic engineers and business development experts, bringing vast knowledge, experience and engineering novelty coupled with new business approach to the dental care...Read more

Omplant Driver Ltd
37 Yotam st. Haifa 34675
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Omplant Driver Ltd., developers of the patented Omplant driver system , is proud to stand behind the manufacture, supply and customer support for this outstanding product.

The Omplant driver system represents an important advancement in the...Read more

Sakharov 11 Rishon Lezion
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EK-Solution is a medical-technology company specializing in innovative solutions for dental, periodontal and surgical procedures.
The company has a research and development center in which opinion leaders and industry experts in these fields innovate, create, test and...Read more

Perflex Ltd
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Perflex ltd. manufactures and develops new biocompatible thermoplastics andmachinery for flexible aesthetic dentures, permanent fixed crowns and bridges, as well as vacuum and injection molding machines that simplify processes andshortens working time.Perflex high performance...Read more

Admetec Solutions Ltd
P.O box 25093 Baaley Melacha 11, Haifa
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Admetec Solutions Ltd. è una società specializzata nella progettazione, produzione e vendita di attrezzature mediche professionali, con una attenzione speciale agli strumenti ottici destinati al settore dentale e chirurgico. Admetec lavora con...Read more

Top Implants Ltd
Hertzeliya 32 Haifa 33301
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Top Implants Ltd is a Dental leading international company specializing in the development, manufacturing and marketing of Dental implants and oral rehabilitation solutions.
Our company provide a wide range of solutions for the all the implants you need,...Read more

Basad Medical - Intellect's Art of Dental Implants
27/1 Herzel st. Petah Tikvah 49437
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Basad Medical specializes in research, development and production of innovative advanced solutions in Dentistry, focusing on Implant's design and prosthetic methods.
Since starting activity, Basad Medical invented and developed a series of brand new original products....Read more

Dental Distributors Database & Resource
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Seeking to connect with new dental distributors? 

The dental distributor database is the ultimate resource for dental manufacturers seeking information (contact details) of the most relevant dental...Read more

Sigdent Dental Implants
H'ella 1 street Tefen Industrial park POB 79 zip
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SIGDENT Dental is a worldwide leader in the field of dental implants. The company is a manufacturer and distributor of dental implants since 2005 and its implants can be found in tens of thousands of healed persons around the world.

SIGDENT Dental Israel is a global...Read more

Breezylike Ltd
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Breezylike Ltd , established in 2008, has developed a unique product aimed at combating halitosis, utilizing a user friendly sugarless lollipop.The product will provide up to 4 hours of protection, and actively combats oral bacteria that lead to halitosis.Read more

Maxillent Ltd. - Revolutionary Dental Implants
85 Medinat Hayehudim St., Building G POB 4100 Herzliya 4614002
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Maxillent Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and provider of innovative solutions that are revolutionizing the field of implant dentistry, advancing it from traditional methods that have remained unchanged for decades.
The company’s flagship product is iRaise™...Read more

Limat Chemicals
Kibbutz Givat Haim, Israel
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Limat Chemicals, a leading manufacturer of dental cleaning products, and supplier to market leader Tuttnauer, offers you a profitable 4 part package of tested products for bacteria free equipment. The Evanox range provides you and your...Read more

TAV Dental
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TAV Dental is a professional, dynamic and innovative company founded as a division of TAV Medical Ltd. With four decades of experience in product design, mold fabrication and injection molding, TAV Dental manufactures a wide range of precise devices using a...Read more

Hi-Tec Implants
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Hi-Tec Implants develops, manufactures and markets an extensive range of dental implants and prosthetic elements.


In 1990 Hi-Tec Implants was founded by dental professionals with rich clinical experience...Read more

A.B. Dental
Park Hamada 3, Habosem Street, Ashdod
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A.B. Dental Devices is a unique international dental implant company.

Since the 1990's we have been focusing on two-piece implants with an internal hex both for one-stage and...Read more

Magdent Ltd.
1 Tsivonit Street P.O. box 80, 1460352
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We introduce a new innovative standard of care to the dental implants world – dentists can actively improve the quality and success of implant procedures. Utilizing a well-known and clinically accepted treatment method – electromagnetic fields.
MagDent...Read more

Flexi Floss
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Flexi Floss Ltd. is an Israeli start-up company developing state of the art oral hygiene products. Established in 2013 in Israel by a team of experts, Flexi Floss has developed and patented (pending) the flexible medical grade rubber silicone dental floss – the Gummy...Read more

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