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DermaCompare - Early Detection of Skin Cancer
7 Imber Petach Tikva Israel
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DermaCompare is a revolutionary skin cancer screening platform that enables physicians to identify and monitor changes in their patients’ skin characteristics. DermaCompare was developed by Emerald Medical Applications, a digital health startup. Emerald specializes in...Read more

Haplada 8 Industrial Park Arad 89092
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3QBD was founded in April 2000 by two highly skilled professionals, Dr. Avraham Lorber and Dr. Zeev Karpas, both well known analytical chemists, each with over 30 years experience in the area of biotechnology.
3QBD's vision has always been to provide the field of Women's...Read more

Micromedic Technologies Ltd. – a Unique Cluster of Cancer Diagnostic Solutions
Kiryat Atidim Building 3, 3rd Floor Tel Aviv, Israel 6158101
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Micromedic Technologies Ltd. is a public company traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (MCTC), focusing on the development and commercialization of cancer diagnostics products.
Micromedic forms a cluster that manages the development of a variety of products across the...Read more

Cnoga Medical
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CNOGA medical is a leading global company for Remote monitoring. CNOGA is a privately held international company, founded in 2004, with headquarters in Israel and subsidiaries in China and Brazil. CNOGA researches and develops innovative technologies in the field of...Read more

Sight Diagnostics
Jerusalem Technology Park, Israel
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Sight Diagnostics is a medical device company developing a novel platform for diagnosing blood diseases using computer vision technology. Our detection technology combines cutting-edge applications from the fields of computer hardware, software and biology to deliver the...Read more

ATLASense Biomed Ltd.
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ATLASense is an early-stage startup company, developing a unique medical platform to continuously and comprehensively remote surveillance of people's health.

This platform includes a special developed credit card size device: the PolyMonitor.
This...Read more

Savyon Diagnostics
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For more than 25 years Savyon Diagnostics has gained its reputation as a company specializing in development, manufacturing and marketing of in vitro diagnostics kits.
Our core business is manufacturing high-quality test systems for the diagnosis of Infectious Diseases...Read more

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