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Medical Devices
20 Hamagshimim St., Petach Tikva
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Founded in 2006 and privately owned, Hospitech Ltd has developed a range of pioneering medical devices, aimed at minimizing the risks involved in prolonged mechanical ventilation and intubation. Based in Israel and led by a highly experienced...Read more

PO Box 200 Or Akiva, 30600, Binyan Mivnei Taasiya, 1 hadas St, Industrial area Or Akiva
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EZSurgical is a medical device company headquartered in Or Akiva, Israel.
EZsurgical develops manufactures and markets innovative medical devices aiming to improve patient care and simplify procedures for surgeons.
The company's DASH Malleable 3-D retractor for open...Read more

Medic Shoes
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Medic Shoes offers a clinically-proven non-medical addition to conventional drug therapy, alleviating the symptoms of poor peripheral circulation. Based on the principles of acupressure and reflexology, Medic Shoes delivers both relief from peripheral...Read more

53 Pinkas St. Tel-Aviv 6226117
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Meditrac is in the business of developing, producing, and marketing innovative medical devices for ambulatory, non-surgical treatment of spinal disorders.
Offering a novel approach to back and neck pain treatment, Meditrac devices enable rapid recovery and help...Read more

Virtual Ports
14/5 emek ayalon st
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Advancing Laparoscopic Surgery with MicroAnchoring™ Technology

In the United States (U.S.) and Europe, more than three million laparoscopic procedures are performed each year. As the importance of aesthetics increases, surgeons are faced with the challenge of...Read more

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DVT is a major health concern globally. In the US alone, more than 12 million surgical patients in the US are at risk for DVT. Prevention practices are at best lackluster and at worst dangerous.
FlowMedic’s homefit offers a non-invasive, portable solution for use...Read more

LapSpace Medical
Misgav Venture Accelerator Misgav Business Park Misgav 20174
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LapSpace introduces an inflatable balloon retractor for use in laparoscopic procedures. The LapSpace retractor provides an effective and gentle retraction of the abdominal organs such as the intestines.
Laparoscopic procedures have become the new surgical standard in the...Read more

NIMedical - Leading Developer and Manufacturer of Whole Body Bioimpedance Systems
3 Ein Hay St., 4592000, Kfar Malal
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NIMedical is a biotechnology company, the world’s leading developer and manufacturer of whole body bioimpedance systems, the Non Invasive Cardiac System (NICaS) and the Hemodynamic Navigator.


Our Vision:
To provide noninvasive...Read more

CoolSense Medical Ltd
149 Arlosorov St. Tel Aviv, 6299502
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CoolSense Medical Ltd. is a subsidiary of the M.D Medical Group, based in Tel-Aviv, Israel.
CoolSense Medical was responsible for the R&D that preceded the manufacture of the innovative hand-held CoolSense™ pain numbing applicator. CoolSense’s...Read more

Elad Health
Raul Wallenberg 18 Building C Tel Aviv, 64580
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Elad Health, part of the Elad Group, is the developer of the Chameleon Electronic Medical Record (EMR). Chameleon provides a holistic horizontal view of hospitalization processes, and enables seamless interoperability across medical departments, units and clinics. Based on...Read more

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