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Michael Aharonson
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Phibro Animal Health Corporation
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Phibro Animal Health Corporation is one of the leading animal health companies in the world and is dedicated to helping meet the growing demand for animal protein. We are a global diversified animal health and mineral nutrition company. We concentrate exclusively on animals for food production and are one of the few global companies offering a comprehensive range of animal health and mineral nutrition products. For nearly 40 years we have been committed to providing livestock producers with value-based products...Read more
Michael Aharonson,

We develop, manufacture and market products for a broad range of food animals including poultry, swine, beef and dairy cattle and aquaculture. Our products help prevent, control and treat diseases and enhance nutrition to help improve health. Our Animal Health business primarily consists of concentrated medicated products that are administered through animal feeds, commonly referred to as Medicated Feed Additives ("MFAs"), including the production and sale of antibacterials (Stafac,Terramycin, Neo-Terramycin and Mecadox) and anticoccidials (Nicarb, Aviax, Aviax Plus, Coxistac, and amprolium). MFAs and Other also includes antibacterial products used to control bacterial infections, as well as other processing aids, for the ethanol fermentation industry
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