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Moshe Erseven
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Salt 424
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Producing the Best Salt in the World at 424 Meters Below Sea Level.
424 Salt sells flavored Gourmet Salts.
Salt 424 was created by nature in the Dead Sea region, the lowest place on earth and one of the 10 wonders of the natural world.
The area is characterized by extreme heat and dry, very clean air, plenty of sunshine, and little precipitation.
This unique combination produces salt enriched with 21 natural minerals, in concentrations, 10 times higher than in regular...Read more

Moshe Erseven, CEO

424 Salt sells flavored Gourmet Salts.
We have 26 amazing food boosting flavored salts: spicy, mild, glamorous, smooth, organic and name a few.
Business Opportunity
we are looking for distributors, new customers and new markets.
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