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Eyal Inbal
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Water Flow Tech Ltd.
Company Profile
Water Flow-Tech (WFT) (www.wft.co.il) is working in the field of water technologies. WFT provides new incomes to water corporations and water utilities by reducing Non-Revenue Water and income loss. The Low Flow Controller – LFC, developed by WFT, is a powerful tool for water utilities and water companies to generate new incomes and increase revenues. The LFC allows zero NRW from low flows in the home and office environment and 15-20% additional income to the annual water utility turnover....Read more

Business Opportunity
We are looking for:
- Reps with contacts to water utilities and water corporations
- Distributors of water equipment to water utilities
- Water meters suppliers directly
- Municipalities responsible for water supply to cities
- Water corporations and utilities

The business opportunity lies in the fact that our product creates real ADDED VALUE of millions of dollars yearly to a water utility, which will pay for the product AFTER regaining its cost from the new incomes!
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