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Eitan Dery
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Company Profile
WaterMatic specializes in providing solutions for water treatment for a variety of needs including for industry, drinking water, and water for agriculture.
WaterMatic’s customers enjoy our ability to analyze processes, engineer planning and perform with capabilities on an outstanding level. These allow the company to provide a swift and effective response to a variety of customer needs in different sectors.
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Company News
WaterMatic Columbia
Recently, WaterMatic completed the trial run at WM, its subsidiary in Columbia, that was founded 3 months ago, as part of the cooperation between WM and an additional Israeli company in the field of water, together with a Columbian businessman who has 20 years of experience in the field of water in Columbia.
The company operates in two fields: its main interest is the planning, building and installation of water treatment plants, while focusing on providing solutions for quality water for various industries in the country.
The second field is sales of irrigation systems for agricultural customers in the country.
Eitan Dery, VP Sales contact@israelexporter.com

Keren, Marketing Manager

Membrane System
WaterMatic applies a wide range of membrane technologies for Brackish & Sea Water Desalination for use as Potable Water, Industry Process and Agriculture with sustainable environmental considerations. Membrane System includes Reverse Osmosis (RO), Ultrafiltration (UF) and Nano-filtration (NF).
Ion exchange system
The Ion-Exchange technology applied by WaterMatic separates the contaminated ions from the water by using the most suitable Resin for IE systems, which provide the optimal solution for water softening, nitrate removal, and heavy metal ion removal.
Electric De-lanization system
WaterMatic produces and markets EDI systems, combining components from the most advanced producers in this field. This technology is specially used for producing high purity water for power plants, electronics and pharmaceuticals.
Dosing & bleeding systems
WaterMatic DBD systems include a unique control system algorithm, creating a highly intelligent DBD which is capable of dosing and bleeding multiple devices continuously, without external interference.
Disinfection systems
WaterMatic manufactures and markets its disinfection systems, operating with accurate control over the process by using WaterMatic's Control Systems.
Filtration systems
WaterMatic provides filtration systems for different applications for removal of suspended particles, as standalone application or part of a combined system as a pre-filtration for a membrane system.
Business Opportunity
WaterMatic is an experienced integrator of full service water solutions for the industrial market. The company works with the responsible factory manager to ensure water quality standards. Projects include upstream incoming water,downstream wastewater treatment to discharge to the environment, and recycling of waste water following the production process, for use in cooling towers, boiler feed or for landscaping in the vicinity of the factory.

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