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22 Habanai St., Ind. Area Holon 58852
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Leah Eldar
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Al-Magor, a well established manufacturing company, has developed over the last decade a line of original, patented hand tools for punching holes into irrigation pipes of all sizes for insertion of drippers and sprinklers, and also insertion tools for this purpose. Much thought has been invested in the manufacture of these unique tools, distinctive for their originality and authenticity, in order to achieve facility of operation, user comfort and esthetic design. The simplicity of...Read more

Leah Eldar,

Al-Magor is an established worldwide leading manufacturer in the field of hand tools for punching and inserting all types of irrigation piping for gardening and agriculture. The tools are exceptional in their reliability and facility of operation, making holes for drips, sprinklers, start connectors and saddles. Constant development of new tools provides solutions for irrigation demands. The majority of the tools are registered patents inand around the world.
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