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Industrial Area 2 - P.O.Box 12, Katzrin 12900
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Pesah Maor
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Company Profile
AquaSpark is an Israeli start-up company, providing comprehensive cost-efficient wastewater treatment solutions for industrial, agricultural and municipal applications.
AquaSpark solutions combine its innovative Boiling Layer Treatment Technology (BLTT) for treatment of wastewater with high contents of organic contaminants with other state-of-the-art wastewater treatment technologies.
AquaSpark, which was founded by specialists in wastewater treatment advanced technologies, has...Read more

Pesah Maor, CEO

BLTT is applicable to a wide range of applications. The competitive advantage of BLTT increases when the wastewater organic content is very high (COD of 20,000 mg/l and above), when the organic content is non-biodegradable or when wastewater quantities do not justify a large investment in biological treatment.
Business Opportunity
Numerous industries are highly dependent on processes that produce wastewater with varying levels of contamination. In recent years, there has been growing public criticism of the extremely negative health-related and environmental impact of the discharge of industrial wastewater into communal sewage systems. This has resulted in increasingly stringent regulation worldwide, which has in turn brought about significant growth in the industrial water and wastewater treatment sectors.
Traditional solutions for...Read more
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