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24/210 Tchernichovsky St. Kfar Saba, 44271
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Tomer Sharon
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Argos (Agri Projects) LTD
Company Profile
Argos (Agri Projects) LTD. is an Israeli agricultural company specializing in turnkey projects of outdoor and indoor cultivation, post-harvest, water management and irrigation. Implementation of the most innovative agro-technologies allows us to reach most prominent results in these areas.
The company is also producing a wide range of high-quality agricultural equipment for packing and storage facilities, irrigation and water harvesting.
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Company News
August 2010: a team of high-qualified Argos experts was sent to Ural Federal District, Russia, for an extensive feasibility study within the framework of a major project of potato and carrot cultivation in open fields with the use of Argos advanced irrigation systems. The total area of the project is 1000 hectares, and it will include an innovative post-harvest complex with state-of-the-art packing line and packing and storage capacity of 50,000 ton.

July 2010: Argos specialists installed a citrus packinghouse complex in Mizoram, India.

2010: Through "Hamashbir Agriculture LTD." Argos launched a new line of agricultural irrigation sprinklers in Israel. The line is very successful in Israeli market and further we plan to distribute it in other countries.
Tomer Sharon,

Company focus:
Advanced greenhouses
-indoor cultivation technologies
-climate control systems

Irrigation and water management
-irrigation systems
-agricultural sprinklers
-water harvesting & treatment

Intensive agriculture cultivation
-agricultural design and management
-green projects

Post harvest:
-packing houses
-added value facilities
-storage facilities
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