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B-Cure Laser
Company Profile
Erika Carmel Ltd. is an international company, headquartered in Israel, which markets and distributes the B-Cure Laser products, a series of revolutionary devices for treating pain, orthopedic disorders, wounds and inflammation, using a patented Israeli development. The B-Cure Laser is based on the Soft Laser Technology and has the same healing power as the expensive stationary machines in clinics and pain treatment centers, all in portable, light devices designed for daily domestic use.High...Read more
Alon Gamliel , International sales manager moshe@israelexporter.com

B-Cure Laser products are approved for use by the Israeli Ministry of Health and the Ministries of Health in Italy, France, South Africa, Australia, Russia, Singapore and Kazakhstan.

B-Cure Laser Classic
A home device designed for the treatment of chronic and acute orthopedic problems such as: back ache, knee pain, arthritis, osteoarthritis (degeneration of the cartilage), tennis elbow, heel spurs, Achilles tendon inflammation, wrist inflammation etc. B-Cure Laser also supports and accelerates healing of wounds and hard healing wounds, acne, herpes, infections, scars etc.

B-Cure Laser Sport
A medical device for the self treatment of acute and chronic sports injuries. This portable device has increased power to assist in the treatment of injuries and acute pain, which may result from strenuous physical activity, such as: strains or torn muscles, ankle injuries and inflammations.

B-Cure Dental Laser
B-Cure Dental Laser has been clinically proven to significantly reduce (over 60%) the layer of bacteria that attacks gum sockets and causes chronic gum inflammation (Periodontitis). B-Cure Dental Laser treatment reduces both the inflammation and the symptoms and reduces the dangers of gingival recession and tooth loss which accompany periodontitis.

B-Cure Laser Dental Pro
B-Cure Laser Dental Pro, high powered at 5 Joules per minute, assists in healing complex post dental procedures such as surgical extractions, periodontal surgery, implants and root treatments which may often be accompanied by swelling, pain, bleeding and infections during prolonged healing. The use of B-Cure Laser Dental Pro in dental clinics and at home assists in accelerating the process of healing, reducing pain, swelling and discomfort and ensures a fast return to a regular routine. B-Cure Laser Dental Pro has been shown through research, to reduce TMJ pain (jaw joint disorder) by 50%.

B-Cure Laser Sport Pro
B-Cure Laser Sport Pro, high powered at 5 Joules per minute, is designed for the use of doctors and care givers who treat patients suffering from common sports injuries and pain resulting from strain and highly intensive training such as sprains, torn ligaments, muscle pain etc.
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