Barkan Wines - Artisans of Red Wine
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Barkan Wines - Artisans of Red Wine
Company Profile
Barkan offers our customers a wide range of wines - from the very simple to the most complex - in a variety of styles. We have specialized in red wines, especially varietal wines, and have pioneered the South African varietal Pinotage here in Israel.
Since the company's inception in 1990, we have developed new and better varietal vineyards - especially Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, and have consistently made better wines from them that have time after time achieved impressive...Read more

Company News
Barkan Wine Cellars Awards 2010!
Silver Medal! Barkan Cabernet sauvignon reserve altitude 412 Hauts du Golan Rouge 2006 Israeli Galilee Barkan Wine Cellars LTD

Silver Medal! Barkan Cabernet-sauvignon superior Haute Galilee Rouge 2006 Israeli Galilee Barkan Wine Cellars LTD

Gold Medal! Barkan Shiraz superior Jerusalem Rouge 2006 Israeli Mounts de Judea Barkan Wine Cellars LTD
Barkan's flagship wine, the 2007 Superieur Cabernet Sauvignon, has recently won gold medals in two of France's most prestigious international wine competitions: the Vinalies Internationales, held in Paris by the Union des Œnologues de France, and the Challenge du Vin held near Bordeaux. These major achievements join a long list of awards and medals garnered by our top wines over recent years.

Shmuel Boxer, Export Manager

As the second largest winery in Israel, Barkan receives over 8000 tons of grapes during the harvest. We devote nights and days throughout the year to ensure that the fruit we receive from the vineyard is the best we can achieve. This devotion continues with all our staff through harvest, winemaking, bottling, marketing and sales: All in order that the bottle that you open will be the best that we can make.
Business Opportunity
Barkan Wine Cellars - we are seeking to increase our global presence. We're looking for agents in Japan, Korea, Hong Kong as well as Austria, Hungary, Sweden and Norway. We offer a broad range of high-end and value kosher wines from Israel's finest vineyards.

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