Case Study: Selling to The Off-Road Industry - B2B - Part 1



We provide B2B channel partner research for many different industries - medical, building supplies, agriculture, etc..


When you have the proper B2B channel partner research tools and knowledge in place - you can provide great value for just about every industry.


The accurate information that we provide to our clients allows them to engage in business development activities with potential partners. - (See posting here - Accuracy in B2B Channel Partner Research - Leads to More Sales)


In many cases the Skylimit team will take charge of the business development activities.


The Off-Road Industry


Around the world, there is a very large community of "off-road enthusiasts" - those who are dedicated to the love of four-wheel drive vehicles used for off road traveling.

The off-road market is a strong and growing market. Whether it's purchasing a vehicle, equipment or accessories - off-road enthusiasts are constantly on the lookout for new and innovative products.


One important product for offroaders is water storage solutions.


Water storage is a critical issue for the off road industry.


Most water storage solutions today offer poor water quality, practically impossible to clean and usually tastes bad after several uses.


Current water-storage solutions are mostly based on rigid tanks (also known as 'Jerrycans'). Storing water in rigid tanks requires special hookup, takes up storage space when empty, maintenance, and offers poor-quality water.


Collapsible (Flexible) water bladders supposedly solve part of the problem and therefore were already introduced to the market but still suffer from several deficiencies like: practically impossible to clean, poor water quality, bad taste after just several uses.


Goodbye Jerrycan and Hello Jerryflex!


EZpack Water Solutions has developed a unique, practical and flexible solution for the Off Road industry - the Jerryflex - the ultimate jerrycan replacement.


Stage 1: Ezpack's first goal was to develop a water storage solution that offers an easy hook up solution


Stage 2: To find the right materials that will allow the storage solution to always offer fresh and tasty water.


Stage 3: To create a multipurpose solution – one that can be used for either water or diesel (with a different insert).


The JerryFlex!




Time to Market:


Over the last few months we've been working hard on providing accurate channel partner research for EZpack within the USA market.


Our goal is to locate the 4x4 off-road companies + contacts that would be the most relevant for EZpack.


Who Should We Be Targeting?


  • In the off-road industry we have several potential targets:
  • Manufacturers of 4x4 vehicles
  • Independent off-road parts and accessories shops
  • Independent off road parts and accessories + repair shops
  • Off-road retailers and repair shops with multiple locations
  • Distributors/reps to retailers, shops and garages
  • E-commerce sites selling parts and accessories to end users
  • National retailers


We decided on the following targets:

  • Distributors/reps to retailers, shops and garages
  • Off-road retailers and repair shops with multiple locations
  • E-commerce sites selling parts and accessories to end users - (offroaders purchase a great deal of accessories online) Obviously not all 4x4 eCommerce sites are relevant.

In general, eCommerce sites can be very 'tricky'. When evaluating eCommerce sites we look at a few things: Are they a one man show? Do they have a team? Do they have an active Facebook page?


Part 2 - Coming Soon




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