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149 Arlosorov St. Tel Aviv, 6299502
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CoolSense Medical Ltd
Company Profile
CoolSense Medical Ltd. is a subsidiary of the M.D Medical Group, based in Tel-Aviv, Israel.CoolSense Medical was responsible for the R&D that preceded the manufacture of the innovative hand-held CoolSense™ pain numbing applicator. CoolSense’s successfully implemented concept offers medical personnel, aestheticians and the general public a revolutionary but simple to operate instrument that eliminates the pain and discomfort of injection procedures. CoolSense™ pain numbing applicator...Read more

DermaSense is an innovative hand-held device designed for treating the areas of the face, neck, cleavage and back of the hand. It offers a unique triple-active Mesotherapy device with a micro-needling head, a removable cooling head and a serum complex.

E-CoolSense is a local anesthetic device that anesthetizes the site of injections by a Cryo system within 3-5 seconds with no chemicals and no after effects.

LipSense is a Lips moisturizer to keep your lips moist after surgery. Safe and easy to use, keeps mouth free with an irrigation dripper and provides patients with more postoperative independence.
Business Opportunity
E-Coolsense: Seeking distributors to childrens hopsitals, Dept of Dermatology, organizations and institutions that deal with Diabetes for children, distributors who deal with products for infertility treatments, Blood test labs

LipSense: seeking distributors to hospitals

Dermasense: Distributors who sell directly to cosmeticians and cosmeticians, pharma retailers.

Coolsense is interested in the following countries:
UK, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Benelux
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