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2 Rojanski St. Rishon LeZion 75706
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David Daily
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DALI Medical Devices
Company Profile
DALI Medical Devices
was founded in 2003 by David Daily and Lior Raday. Since its establishment, DALI has focused on developing novel injectable drug delivery devices and auto-injector platforms.
Our Vision
To become a leading developer and provider of unique, creative and innovative easy-to-use injection devices.
Our Mission
To develop and bring to market...Read more

Company News
Upcoming Events:
Meet David Daily and Dr. Menachem Zucker from Elcam Medical regarding Elcam's unique NEW PLATFORM of the Flexi-Q HV autoinjector for pre-filled syringes with low to high viscosity drugs and other Flexi-Q autoinjector platforms at the following events:
The BioEurope conference
, Oct 31-Nov 2, Dusseldorf, Germany - where you can setup partnering meetings with us in advance.
The PDA's Universe of Pre-filled Syringes and Injection Devices, Nov 8-9, Basel, Switzerland - at Elcam Medical's booth #10. Contact us now to setup partnering meetings with us in advance.
Recent Events:
Together with Elcam Medical we had partnering meetings and had given a presentation at the BioPharm America conference, September 7-9, Boston MA, USA.
We presented our Safe & Fearless Auto-Needlesand met with potential partners at our booth at the Top Innovators Executive Lounge of the Israel Biomed conference , 23-25 May, Tel Aviv.
David Daily, CEO, Founder

Lior Raday, CTO, Founder

DALI focuses on the development of injectable drug delivery technologies from product concept to regulatory approval that meet the needs of patients, physicians, and healthcare systems.

DALI's unique, creative and innovative injectable drug delivery devices are designed for ease of use self-administration. By reducing needle phobia and the fear of injections, patient compliance to prescribed therapies increases and their quality of life improves. Treatment success is achieved using DALI's safe, user-friendly and high quality injectable devices.
DALI develops and customizes products that meet specific end-user and high-volume manufacturing requirements.

Among our end-users and customers:

-Pharmaceutical and medical device companies

-Physicians, hospitals and patients

DALI has a licensing and contract development agreement with Elcam Medical that covers a variety of auto-injectors for self-administration.
Business Opportunity
DALI Medical Devices is seeking licensing arrangements with medical device and pharma companies and/or strategic and financial partners to further develop and commercialize its unique drug delivery solutions.
Innovative Safe & Fearless Injection Devices
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