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Yokneam Moshava, POB 20600
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Dr Eger
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Dr.Eger - Olive Oil Products Industry Ltd
Company Profile
Dr. Eger experts in Olive oil, developed a unique product line and exclusively, for one thing - to contribute to the health of your body!
Dr. Eger combines ancient medical knowledge with advanced technologies developed in collaboration with Prof. Neeman Technion leading patent twenty countries around the world, and is considered a breakthrough in cosmetic and food industries. Oil has always been a great source for the body - inside out. Dr. Eger's products, take the issue one step...Read more

Dr Shaul Eger, CEO contact@israelexporter.com

Food Products:
Olive oil spread- comes in a wide range of flavors obtained from flavor essences: Garlic, basilicum, olives, butter, oregano, or as requested by the customer.
Chocolate Flavored spread
Halva spread
Tehina spread
Almond spread
Coffee spread
Skin products:
Olive Oil for Scalp and Hair Treatment
Olive Oil for Massage
Olive Oil for Extremely Dry Skin
Skin Renewal
Olive Omega 3
Baby Skincare
Facial Moisturizer for Normal Skin, and dry to very dry skin.
Body Olive Oil Emulsion
Business Opportunity
Dr. Eger is seeking to establish connections with marketing concerns abroad, which will be in a position to distribute its products both in the food market and among consumers of skin treatment preparations.

The company is also looking for a strategic investor to develop a line of food additives and a line of functional-medicinal food.
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