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Company Profile
EarlySense is bringing to market an innovative contact-free patient supervision technology.EarlySense’s continuous early sensing capabilities and patient management tools empower the medical staff in the unmonitored units to improve clinical outcomes and reduce pressure ulcers and patient falls by measuring key parameters through a sensor places underneath the patient’s mattress.The continuous patient supervision device that follows and documents patients' vital signs...Read more
Company News
EarlySense will be attending the Medica Trade Fair! We are interested in meeting and connecting with distributors - please email us at Hila.Peleg@earlysense.com
EarlySense's system main components:
1) a unique single plate sensing unit.
2) a bedside monitor that processes and displays the measured data; and
3) a Patient Management Center that enables complete coverage of a unit wide set of monitors at the nurses' station and the different alerts are delivered to the nurses' handheld devices. The system's built-in management tools include a wide range of reports on the status of patients at all times and can be printed for documentation and clinical analysis. Once placed under a bed mattress, the sensing unit immediately self-activates when sensing the patient in bed.

The system is FDA cleared and CE approved and has been shown to improve clinical outcomes in hospitals, geriatric centers and long-term acute care facilities.

Business Opportunity
EarlySense is looking for distributors in the UK, France, Scandinavia (one distributor working in Denmark / Sweden / Norway) and Russia (with focus on Moscow and/or St. Petersburg).

The distributor profile should be:
-Dealing with capital equipment
-Selling monitoring systems (such as ECG), oximeters, equipment to the ICU, telemetry, sleep labs etc.
-Over 10 people working for them
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