EdenShield - A New Direction in Crop Protection


Pests attacking crops is a major concern for growers everywhere.

These little insects, often no bigger than a needle pin, have the ability to destroy every single one of your crops. What’s worse, they are resistant to many chemical pesticides.



Now Meet Edenshield
EdenShield (since 2012) is an innovative Israeli company that has created an odor-masking product that tricks pests into believing your crops simply aren’t there. Our products are natural and nontoxic.


Edenshield CEO Yaniv Kitron Presenting Edenshield


The Need:
Thrips, whiteflies, red spider mites, and tuta absoluta are four common insects that attack important greenhouse crops, including bell peppers, tomatoes, herbs, flowers, and cannabis. These pests cause more than $2 billion in damage annually, either by direct damage to crops or through the transmission of devastating viruses.


Conventional chemical pesticides are ineffective, as these insects quickly develop resistance — even within a single growing season — and a number are no longer commercially available due to their toxicity. Products that remain in the market cannot be used during the critical preharvest period.


Natural, Nontoxic, Odor Masking Insect Control Solutions
EdenShield’s nontoxic technology for insect control is based on extracts of medicinal plants endemic to Israel’s semi-desert. Leveraging beneficial characteristics of desert plants, the technology masks the odor of the crop and lowers insect attraction, causing insects to simply choose feeding options in other locations. The EdenShield material maintains its efficacy throughout the entire growing season, and insects do not develop resistance to it.


The Edenshield Product Line


EdenShield NET:


EdenShield NET is applied to greenhouse screens, not on the crop itself, where it masks the odor of the crop inside and lowers insect attraction.
Multiple field trials and bioassays on greenhouse crops such as peppers, tomatoes, basil, and cabbage have shown that this mechanism of action does not cause the development of resistance in thrips, spider mites and whiteflies, and allows the product to maintain its efficacy throughout the entire growing season


EdenShield Direct:


EdenShield has developed EdenShield DIRECT product for application directly on the crop in greenhouses and other closed structures.
This natural, nontoxic product is especially well suited for use on high-value crops such as ornamentals (roses, daisies, poinsettias) and cannabis (medical marijuana).


Distributors and professionals interested in learning more - can email:  contact@israelexporter.com 


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