EK-Solutions - Creating Innovative Solutions for Dental, Periodontal & Surgical Procedures


EK-Solution is a medical-technology company specializing in developing innovative solutions for dental, periodontal and surgical procedures.


The company has a research and development center in which opinion leaders and industry experts in these fields innovate, create, test and refine methods and tools to address special clinical needs.
The surgical tools, technical solutions and procedural guidance are distributed around the globe by our marketing team under the guidance of our clinical experts.

The company distributes the products internationally by contractual agreements with regional and national distributors around the globe.



EK-Solution's Degranulation Kit: Properly Cleaning the Tooth Socket  


After tooth extraction and cleaning of the tooth socket with dedicated curette in order to remove all of inflammatory and infectious tissue (lesions like periapicallesions, dentoalveolar abcesses, periodontal lesions, cysts) some remnants of soft tissue remain within the bone and inhibit appropriate healing of the region and do not allow immediate implant placement or bone implantation due to concern regarding infection.


Most investigators believe that an infected site should be viewed as acontra-indication for implant placement or bone implantation


The Degranulation Kit:



When the tooth is extracted the area attracts soft tissue and bone cells with an excellent regenerative and healing potential. If the site is infection-free the entire extraction site can be reconstructed by using a membrane in case of deficient or absent buccal or lingual wall, filling the cavity or gap with allograft bone substance and performing primary closure.


Usually within 6-8 weeks from extraction the soft tissue and bone regenerative cells are well organized and their healing potential is substantially diminished.


By using the “Degranulation Kit” (Developed by EK Solutions) the practitioner can attain complete removal of all elements that can potentially inhibit healing or promote infection. When clearing these elements from all walls of the bone defect or gap one can obtain both socket preservation and immediate implantation, without the risks of infection.


Click Here to Watch The Degranulation Kit in Action




The kit comes with a dedicated and specialized drill that as opposed to the Tungsten drills does not slip, slide or over-penetrates and allows full control of the “cleaning”process without causing unwarranted emphysema.


EK Solutions is seeking to connect with implant, dental surgical equipment and bone replacement distributors in world markets - professionals can email me at: info@ek-solution.com 


Meet EK-Solutions at IDS 2015!
Hall 10.1
Stand: A057 (Booth name MIAMBE)


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