Erma Zaden Quality Seeds
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Moshav Sgula 49, 79530 ,Israel
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Chen Shacham
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Erma Zaden Quality Seeds
Company Profile
Erma Zaden Quality Seeds specializes in the production of hybrid vegetable seeds 
Erma Zaden is proud to present a portion of its leading variety of advanced vegetable seeds in this site. There are some additional vegetable seeds we breed and market, as well as dozens of flower seeds. Erma Zaden was founded in 1992 in Holland. The company develops, produces and markets its advanced...Read more

Chen Shacham, Export manager

Erma Zaden develops, produces and market: advanced, resistant and customer adapted seeds, through Europe, Asia, Africa, America and the Mediterranean. Most common seed products are: Tomato, Pepper, Cucumber, Melon, Watermelon and others.
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