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P.O.Box 2338, Savyon 56530
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Alex Harel
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EZPack Water Ltd.
Company Profile
EZPack Water Ltd. is an Israeli private company, which develops, manufactures and markets unique proprietary solutions for water storage, preservation and mobility. The company products are aimed to markets such as emergency, disaster relief, construction and mining industry, military, home and outdoor, and others. All EZPack’s products are based on the most advanced technology available.
EZPack WSDS is approved by the Israeli Water Authority for water distribution in emergency...Read more

Alex Harel, VP Marketing contact@israelexporter.com

The WSDS is most advanced water system for temporary and remote location applications. The WSDS main attributes are:

-Durable outside flexible PVC frame
-Inner insert preserve water freshness
-Small foot print at storage
-Easy to mobilize
-Durable outside flexible PVC frame
-Inner insert preserve water freshness
-Small foot print at storage
-Easy to mobilize

The EZPack tanks are based on our proprietary technology which contains 2 layers:

1) Outside layer a rigid sustainable flexible plastic outside layer hat can be adapted to very harsh conditions.
2) Inner food-graded insert that contain the water preserve the water quality for long time.
Business Opportunity
EZpack a leading manufacturer of collapsible water storage bladders, is looking for distributors of emergency service products, with good contacts to small-medium DIY chains. In addition , the company would like to make contact with emergency service directors at the city, county and state level.

EZpack also has interesting solutions for event organizers, or remote sites, for easy storage of drinking water when required

Target markets include North America, or International organizations...Read more
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