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7 Hasolelim St., Bat Yam, Israel
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Tzvika Dor
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Gad Dairy
Company Profile
Gad Dairy was established in 1980 by Ezra Cohen, owner and chairman of the board.
It is the fourth largest dairy manufacturer in Israel, specializing in premium dairy products, such as Italian and Mediterranean cheese as well as hard and soft cheese.
Gad Dairy is privately owned with a unique character reflecting family tradition values that have been passed on from generation to generation. Gad Dairy has state of the art production and distribution facilities in Tel Aviv, Israel.  In...Read more
Tzvika Dor, Director of Business Development

Presently, Gad Dairy manufactures a variety of more than 250 products using cow, goat and sheep milk. Our categories are designed and produced to service the retail, wholesale, distributors and professional markets. Among our categories, we have an amazing selection of Italian style such as Mozzarella and Ricotta cheese, Balkan style such as Bulgarian and Feta cheese, French style such as Brie and Camembert cheese and many more. You can find our products in many parts of the world, most commonly in Europe and the US. With our cutting edge technology and authentic recipes, Gad Dairy continues to develop new products every year, including custom products and private labels for our professional and wholesale clients.
Business Opportunity
Gad dairy-Our export division is growing year after year as we continue to spread quality product and authenticity around the globe. Currently we are very active in the US and European markets and looking to expand to new markets. Buyers, Brokers, Distributers: please accept our personal invitation to discuss how we can introduce you to our unique products and services. In an effort to continue to grow, we are seeking new markets around the globe by taking advantage of the knowledge, experience and unique line of...Read more
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