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Michael Aharonson
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Hazorea Aquatics
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At Hazorea Aquatics WE LOVE FISH. This means that the welfare and health of fish we breed, grow and ship are at the top of the list of priorities of each and every one of our staff. If these are your priorities as well and are looking for a new or alternative competitive source for your Koi, Coldwater, Tropical or Marine fish, you have come to the right place! Hazorea Aquatics will provide you with the products that will probably put you in a league above your competition. We at Hazorea are willing to do more...Read more
Michael Aharonson, michael@skylimit.co.il

Hazorea is the world’s largest producer of completely Biosecure Koi. It is our conviction that this method of production is most suited to the evolving health regulations of our industry, and the ever present (and growing) threats of viruses and disease. Hazorea’s ongoing investment in research and development has resulted in improved production and quality standards. We are convinced that BIOSEKOI are stronger and healthier than Koi produced outdoors, while achieving the quality levels necessary for the most demanding Koi hobbyists.
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