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hiCenter will make an effort, considering the significance of time in business development, to perform swift compatibility and acceptance procedures to enable the entrepreneur to integrate into the center as a partner as soon as possible. Our hope is that this procedure will provide a swift response to those who meet the acceptance criteria and those who don't as well. The procedure is mutual and involves all of us. That is why we need your full cooperation, colleagues and entrepreneurs....Read more
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Of the 26 government incubators in Israel, only 2 serve as later-stage Business Accelerators of the Chief Scientist's Office (CSO). hiCenter is the first and largest CSO Business Accelerator with nearly 3 years of operation and validation as a working model. hiCenter guides companies from proof-of-concept through early sales. Its portfolio companies undergo both product and market validation before being approved by the hiCenter investment committee.
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Any entrepreneur that holds a prototype that has passed the feasibility study stage and has business potential, innovation is not a requirement
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