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7 Shoham Str. P.O. Box 7544 Petach Tikva, 49170
Contact Person:
Yuval Metzger
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Hoffmann & Hoffmann
Company Profile
Hoffmann & Hoffmann has more than 40 years of development, manufacturing and service experience. The company specializes in the development and manufacturing of control and monitoring solutions and has patented products that target the water market. Our solutions are implemented in 700 sites and in service with major water utilities in USA and the Middle East.
Hoffmann & Hoffmann is  an internationally focused water technology enterprise, working side-by-side with...Read more
Yuval Metzger , V.P. Business Operations

Dripmaster EDD 4C Oil Lubrication Controller for Vertical Turbine Pumps

Hoffmann & Hoffmann's Dripmaster is the only oil lubrication control and monitoring device designed specifically for Vertical Turbine Pumps. The Dripmaster continuously stabilizes the oil drip rate so as to comply with pump manufacturer's requirements. It prolongs the life span of lineshaft bearings and significantly reduces well contamination.
By minimizing labor intensive operations such as checking oil levels and adjusting drip rates at each well site, a considerable amount of money is saved.

The DripDoser – Water Well Oiler that saves money!

Return on investment in less than one year.
DripDoser is a gravity-based oiler for Vertical Turbine Pump that will save you thousands of dollars and costly down time.
• Reduces pump maintenance costs.
• Reduces labor cost – checking oil levels and adjusting drip rate.
• Reduces oil consumption and prevents well contamination.
• Maintains constant oil drip rate.
• Protects your irrigation turbine pump from running dry:
o Detects loss of oil supply.
o Detects clogged or pinched delivery line.
• Automatic pump shutdown.
• Telemetry compatible remote control and monitoring.
• Maintenance free and easy to install.
• Operates under extreme weather conditions.
• Low price – outlay quickly repaid.

Business Opportunity
We are looking for highly motivated, experienced and effective manufacturer representatives to assist in the growth of a vastly qualified, customer focused and professional water technology company. Reps should have experience selling engineered specialized equipment and should have access to a qualified dealer base (large water contractors, and drilling contractors trained to seek value added sales above and beyond just a well and a pump). Our firm has a history of winning repeat customer business, and maintains...Read more
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