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Sara Konforty - in her personality, appearance and behavior - is a phenomenan. This finds expression not only in her art. It is part of a contemporary postmodernistic of integrating art in life. In Konforty's works the contrasts too are prominent Sara Konforty is a well- known artist. Over the years, her creative activities have been devoted to many and varied fields: paintings, collages, conceptual and decorative works. Sara Konforty is noted for her unique creativity and her unbounded energy which finds expression in her many works, Reflecting an obsessive devotion of her talented creativity
  • Rose Window-3X3 Meters-Designing and Painting
  • Synagogue - The Holy Ark
  • Minimal B
  • Transparent
  • Jerusalem Vitrage
  • Mural
  • Bath
  • Hand Made Glass and Ceramic to the Bath
  • Royal Gold 17 G, 20 cm
  • Minimal
  • Vitrage and Painted Glass- flowers for Gates
  • Mural-Painted Tiles
  • Rimonim and Grapes
  • Door
  • Magen David, Painted Glass -Roseta Synagogue Amit-Torah Ark
  • Synagogue Amit
  • Beautiful Designed Carpets
  • Mix
  • Synagogue Art
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