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Elcam Medical Products Gallery


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Products Gallery
With over 30 years experience in the medical device field, our products include a wide range of devices.
  • Minimizing infections stopcocks
  • Needle-less Devices
  • Monitoring Devices
  • Interventional Cardiology & Radiology accessories
  • Stopcocks & Manifolds
  • Auto-Injectors
  • B-Stop: A silver impregnated antimicrobial stopcock that reduces microbial colonization on the device
  • Swabbable stopcock- stopcock integrated with a luer activated swabbable valve (or valves) allowing safe, needleless use of the stopcock ports. Allows aseptic fluid administration and sampling, while keeping the IV line closed and preventing contamination
  • The Marvelous is a swabbable stopcock with a unique channel that automatically flushes the side port along with the flow line, allowing zero residual volume
  • DoubleSafe and TripleSafe stopcocks.Silver ions embedded in the Swabbable stopcock & Marvelous providing TWO & THREE layers of protection against catheter related infections
  • Needleless Devices for IV Applications - These products allow fast and easy connection to IV lines, vials and blood lines, along with protection against needle sticks
  • DIPT- Disposable Integrated Pressure Transducer.Comprises a blood pressure sensor, a flush device, and a stopcock all molded as a single piece. This unique design results in a clear fluid path, minimizes trapped air and improves accuracy
  • DPT (Disposable Pressure Transducer) A stand alone blood pressure sensor for patient monitoring during cardiac catheterizations, intracranial pressure monitoring and more
  • Flush Device: For maintaining slow continuous flow of solutions while enabling momentary use at high flow rate for flushing the IV line when required
  • Multi- channell Wireless DPT system.The system increases patient safety and improves clinician convenience by eliminating cables near the patient and reducing the likelihood of cable contamination. It facilitates and accelerates patient transfer
  • Y-Click: unique Y connector providing an easy-to-use hemostatic device for both diagnostic and interventional cardiac procedures. Allows one-handed operation and designed with a self closing mechanism to avoid leakage during injection of contrast media
  • H-Flow valve.A self-sealing device which allows convenient placement and positioning of common guidewires and micro-catheters through an angiographic catheter with no leakage
  • Haskal Guidewire Torque Device For convinient guidewire manipulation during interventional procedures. The HaskalTM is side mounted, easy to load and remove, and fits a wide range of wires
  • Stopcocks-Elcam medical produces a wide range of stopcocks and manifolds that meet the demands of hemodynamic pressure monitoring, I.V. therapy, high flow systems, anesthesia and angioplasty
  • Manifolds-Elcam medical produces a wide range of stopcocks and manifolds that meet the demands of hemodynamic pressure monitoring, I.V. therapy, high flow systems, anesthesia and angioplasty
  • Superport: Especially designed for endoscopy and laparoscopy procedures. An excellent example of Elcam's custom design capabilities
  • Flexi-Q-PFS.A fully disposable auto-injector for drugs in Pre-Filled Syringes -PFS
  • Flexi-Q-DV.A fully disposable auto-injector for drugs in Vials -DV
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