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Israel Kezra
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Pulcaris Ltd
Company Profile
Pulcaris Ltd is an Israeli Startup company that is active in the Health & Beauty sector. 
Yisrael Kezra, together with a team of highly experienced Academics from the Hebrew University, has conducted intensive research into indigenious plants from the Negev desert.
The company has now isolated a very promising ingredient that is extracted from desert plants, which will be used in the cosmetic and derma cosmetic markets. Excellent results have been achieved in clinical tests.
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Company News
Pulcaris Ltd is launching a unique cosmetic ingredient that is extracted from a plant grown in the Negev desert
Israel Kezra, Founder & CEO israelkezra@hotmail.com

Business Opportunity
Pulcaris Ltd is looking for leading cosmetics companies to utilize the extraordinary qualities of the unique plant based ingredient, in new product lines.
The company is also actively seeking a strategic investor to finance ongoing research and production.
Pulcaris company and cosmetic ingredient profile
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