The Israel-Asia Chamber of Commerce


29 Hamered St, Industry Building P.O.B. 50333 Tel-Aviv 61502
Contact Person:
Moshe Sharet
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The Israel-Asia Chamber of Commerce
Company Profile
The Israel-Asia Chamber of Commerce was founded in 1984 with the mission to promote business between Israel and Asia.  The Chamber was founded by 5 founding members:
-The Ministry of Foreign Affairs -The Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor -The Israel Export and International Cooperation Institute -The Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce-The Kibbutzim’ Industries Association
The chamber consists of 6 sub chambers:Read more
Moshe Sharet ,

The Chamber's main activities are:

1.Provide advice and consultation to Israeli companies interested in establishing business relationships in Asia.
2.Provide support and assistance to Israeli companies interested in using the resources of sister chambers in Asia.
3.Receive business opportunity inquiries from sister chambers, the Israeli commercial attaches, The Asian Embassies in Israel, and other sources.
4.Coordinates trade delegations and meetings for its members.
5.Receive visiting trade delegations from Asia and co-ordinates meetings with appropriate Chamber's members.
6.Organize seminars and conferences in Israel focused on topics, which are relevant to the promotion of trade with Asia.
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