KAL-KAR Ein Carmel
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D.N. Chof Carmel 30860, Israel
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KAL-KAR Ein Carmel
Company Profile
Kal-Kar's new seed trays, suitable for both manual and, automated production lines are strong, light and easy to handle., The thermal insulation properties of the material protect, growing roots in cold temperatures while the design ensures excellent, drainage and easy removal of the finished plant.
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Company News
-The smooth and tough feeling of polypropylene trays!

-The insulation of Styrene!

-A Patent pending technology!
KAL-KAR produces a wide range of Expandable Polystyrene products for the following applications:
Specialized packing materials,Food storage containers,Thermal insulation for building and construction, Building foundations,Advanced building elements, Agricultural applications,Camping ware, Parts for technological equipment,
Cold storage Insulation
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