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May Machines Ltd.
Company Profile
May Machines Ltd – an Israeli based company, offers a wide range of high quality and innovative machines such as Rewinders, Toilet rolls making machines (tissue converting machines), Industrial machines (slitter machines) for Garage/industrial rolls production, Carton Core machines (Carton tube machines), Toilet rolls Packing machines, Automatic log saws (log cutter machines), Manual Log saws (Manual Log Cutter) and Table Napkin machines. Our machines meet the European standards.
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Avi Barel , Export Manager

We offer a variety of Tissue Converting Machines which are operated by pneumatic and electronic commands. Each of our machines can be programmed and modified in accordance to the changing demands of various markets the end product is produce for.

Our pneumatic and electronic components are from the top quality international brand and sizes, so spare parts are available everywhere.

We offer free installation at the client’s premises for those who purchase a Toilet paper mini plant.
MINI PLANTS* for toilet paper rolls production are available in different sizes.

*Set of three machines that convert jumbo rolls (raw material/parent roll) into small toilet paper rolls, institutional towels and bed sheets for hospitals, household and other uses.

Product types

Rewinders- Toilet rolls making machine/Tissue converting machine
For producing toilet rolls, towel/institutional/kitchen rolls and bed sheet rolls.
Automatic Carton Core Machine / Carton Tube Machines
The machine is operated using a pneumatic & electronic system.
The machine features high-speed operation and can service two or more toilet paper rewinders.
Capable of producing various core sizes (diameter) - optional.
The machine operation requires cold glue.

Manual Log Saw (Band saw)
Log Cutter
Advance manual Log Saw for cutting tissue logs to single toilet rolls
Capable of cutting 5 logs simultaneously

Automatic Log Saw (Automatic log Cutter)
The machine cuts tissue logs to singles toilet rolls.
• Maximum cuts per minute 100x2 rows (200 toilet rolls per minute)
• Cutting two logs at a time (simultaneously)
• The rolls exit in two parallel lines while the log edges are automatically removed (edge trim)

Semi Automatic Packing Machine for Toilet Rolls
Packs packages of: 24, 32, 40, 48 rolls per pack.
Manual bag mounting.
Capacity: 10 seconds (for 24 rolls package) to 20 seconds (for 48 rolls package).

Garage rolls making machine
1800mm Industrial Rewinder (slitter machine).
The machine produces industrial rolls (garage rolls).
Equipped with 8 sets of sliters. Produce rolls of Maximum 400mm in diameter.
1800mm Combined Rewinder
(Slitter machine + Toilet paper rewinder).
The machine produces industrial rolls (garage rolls) and Toilet Rolls .

The Toilet rolls production process – the machines will produce toilet "logs" that will be cut to toilet rolls by manual or automatic log saw.
*The machine is equipped with embossing unit and perforating unit

We supply spare parts such as perforation blades, toothless blades for manual Band Saw (log cutter), Sharpening system for Band Saws (manual log cutter), Grinding stones (grinding wheels) and more.

Beautiful graphic embossing for Tissue – special embossing rollers
We supply various beautiful deep embossing rolls (rollers) that enhance the appearance of your premium Toilet rolls.
The Rolls are 1mm deep (helps to create big volume toilet rolls) and Chrome plated.

Business Opportunity
We are interested in making contact with persons who would like to set up an economical, efficient toilet roll factory. We supply sets of equipment, technical advice, and installation.
We also supply machines and spare parts for Industrial sheeting, bed sheets for hospitals and clinics, kitchen towels, and JRP rolls
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