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Michael Aharonson
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M.D – Idan B Ltd
Company Profile
M.D – Idan B Ltd (formerly M.D Plastic Industries) designs, manufactures and installs tailor made plastic and fiberglass tanks and pipelines, for a wide variety of industrial applications.
The company provides a wide range of solutions (dedicated tanks, pipeline systems, spill containment pallets, blowers/scrubbers etc) to a wide variety of industries including the chemical and petrochemical industries, the food industry, water treatment, aquaculture and more.
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Michael Aharonson, michael@skylimit.co.il

We design, manufacture and install especially designed tanks and pipes for a wide variety of industrial applications.
Our range of products includes regular, isolated and fiberglass-reinforced plastic (PP, HDPE, PVC, PVDF) tanks, as well as spill containment pallets, fiberglass tanks, blowers/scrubbers, fish ponds and more.
The company’s extensive experience and technical know-how in the industrial area enables it to provide products which are optimally suited to the processes and the systems into which they are integrated.
Our company’s experience and professionalism, the combination of field experts, production knowhow and a state-of-the-art engineering department form the basis for the company’s success in the Israeli industry.

We design, produce and install fish hatcheries and intensive fish farming facilities. both in Israel and throughout the world. The knowledge and experience we have gained in this field enable us to offer our clients comprehensive planning that covers all the different fish-farming related activities, including fish ponds, bio-filter systems, UV and ozone systems, pumps, water aeration, etc
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