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Hamal 1/8 Ashdod
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Haim Alon
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Mersea Dead Sea Products
Company Profile
MERSEA'S office and warehouse are located in the main city sea port ASHDOD that provides the company the luxury of easy and low cost transport of products to the port and around the world. MERSEA'S factory is located in the nearest city to the Dead Sea named ARAD
MERSEA has been spreading the healing powers of the Dead Sea all around the world since 2001, we specialize in the export and distribution of beauty and skin care products carefully developed by combining the rejuvenating...Read more

Haim Alon,

MERSEA has established ideal formulas for natural beauty care products; products that are manufactured from genuine ingredients with a superb absorption, protection and skincare qualities. All MERSEA products contain top quality Dead Sea minerals in unique formulations that provide stimulation, renewal, deep cleansing, and mineralization of the skin. Each ingredient in these products was carefully selected by experts to ensure optimal skin protection, along with high penetration capacity through the dermis.
Business Opportunity
Mersea is looking for importer/distributors of quality cosmetic products in the USA, Canada, Spain, Italy, UK, Scandinavia and in the Far East. In addition the company would like to make contact with buyers of small cosmetic and beauty product chains. Mersea is successfully marketing a number of product lines in Russia, Mexico, and a number of European countries.
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