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Moni Liberman
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The Moni Poni® ponytail holder  is a whole new concept for holding hair in a ponytail.  It is the ONLY hair accessory to receive a utility patent because the way it works is so unique.  fun, easy and HEALTHY for your hair!)Instead of squeezing the hair only from the outside (and therefore applying unhealthy, damaging super-intense levels of pressure as rubberbands, clips, claws and hinged combs do), the Moni Poni® actually "digs" itself into the layers of a ponytail...Read more

Moni Liberman, Owner

The Revolutionary Moni Poni Ponytail holder is a plastic spiral which has been carefully engineered to produce just the right amount of pressure throughout the layers of a ponytail. No more rubber bands ripping and clips cutting! It is easy to use and strongly holds hair but gentle without damaging your hair.

Good for all ages.

To use: simply hold the Moni Poni by the handle in one hand, gather hair into a ponytail with the other hand (don't twist the hair), hook the spiral into the hair, and then turn it by the handle until it's tight.
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Distributors and Exclusive Distributors willing to sign an exclusive distribution
agreement with minimum-guaranteed purchases for the following markets:

Health and beauty aids drugstore
Department store
Fashion accessories
Children's' boutiques
Gift and pop-store

Buyers for stores in the following categories:
Health and beauty (drugstore) chains
Hair salon chains
Hair accessory buyers for department stores
Accessory store chains
Gift and pop-store...Read more
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