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37 Yotam st. Haifa 34675
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Dr. Boaz Hetsroni
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Omplant Driver Ltd
Company Profile
Omplant Driver Ltd., developers of the patented Omplant driver system , is proud to stand behind the manufacture, supply and customer support for this outstanding product.
The Omplant driver system represents an important advancement in the field of implant dentistry, and fulfills a pressing market need. As we see it, the Omplant driver system is poised to become an indispensible part of every dental implant clinic worldwide.
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Company News
Omplant will be attending the Dental-Review 17-20 February 2012, Moscow.
Dr. Boaz Hetsroni, CEO

Omplant driver system (patent pending) is a universal cordless prosthetic parts driver being used with a special universal organizer. It is designed to reduce more than 70% of chair time ,and provide higher safety while performing dental prosthetics procedures on implants.
Business Opportunity
Omplant manufactures a unique implant prosthetic parts driver system suitable for all types of dental implants. The system will greatly improve safety, efficiency, reduce costs, and increase patient satisfaction due to the reduction in the treatment time ( 70% off ! ).

The company is mainly interested in contacting dental implant manufacturers, and dental distributors in the North American and European markets.
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