J&G Pecans - Dominating the Peanut Industry


J&G Pecans Unfolds a Classic Israeli Family Success Story


It all started out as a small peanut-peeling factory established by the family's father, Avraham Shekarchi in the early 1960s, together with his wife Simcha and son Yaakov and later joined by Gadi Aloni and Itzik Roditi, who married the daughters of the Shekarchi family.


Together they worked tirelessly to establish J&G Pecans in 1982.


Through hard work, adherence to the toughest of standards and constant innovation, the company surged forward and made an excellent reputation for itself as a leading Israeli venture for roasting and marketing peanuts and its products.


Today, the company is headed by Gadi Aloni and Itzik Roditi as its joint CEOs.


The company's quality line of products, its vast experience and impeccable record did not go unnoticed by leading food producers, such as Unilever, Strauss-Elite and Tnuva, which later were the company's customers, as J&G Pecans dominates a substantial chunk of the peanut and peanut-product marketing in Israel and around the world.


Other than raw products for the food industry, J&G Pecans also specializes in marketing final products for the end consumer and even developed unique skills in designing custom-made products for its customers.


The values of corporate liability are the company's guiding principles, as it continues to operate while maintaining the toughest environmental and safety standards on food such as ISO, HACCP, ISO 220000, 9001, winning the rabbinical court's stamp of approval as a kosher product.


Furthermore, J&G Pecans views itself as an integral part of the community it operates in. Therefore, its 120 employees, who are based in Hadera and at the J&P Pecans plant in Caesarea, are a diverse mosaic of all sections of society that also empowers individuals with disabilities.


In recent years, due to an ever-growing demand and a desire to infiltrate global markets, J&G Pecans targeted markets in North America, Europe, the Far East and South America, being highly successful in these markets, establishing itself as a standard-bearer by the quality of its products and service.


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